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Red Hot Chilli News is web log produced by a number of writers all of whom believe in progressive politics.  We believe in honest reporting and are aware of the power that media holds.  The site will giive news and analysis of many social and political issues in the UK and abroad.  We will look at everything from a left wing view point but are independent of any political parties.  There are also a number of reviews from the arts and entertainments that hopefully readers will also find interesting.

The website was started in April 2014 by Lucette Davies but recently has taken on a number of new regular contributors and guest contributors.

If anyone is interested in writing for Red Hot Chilli News please do get in touch either through the contact form on the site or via the facebook, tumblr or twitter pages of Red Hot Chilli News.

Since writing one particular post I have found myself eager to support the charity The Thunder Foundation, that featured in that post.  I have said that if anybody will either like this site’s facebook page or follow the site’s RSS feed I will give £1 to Thunder Foundation.  The Thunder Foundation has become a registered charity since I wrote that initial post and they now have a givey page if anyone wishes to donate themselves.  The facebook page of Thunder Foundation is also well worth a look  and gives some smashing photos of the children in the Thunder Mutartara Learning Centre.

To help us develop this site further please do use the comment boxes below each post and let us know what you are thinking.


Details of all the contributors to Red Hot Chilli News are given below.

Lucette Davies
Lucette Davies

I started Red Hot Chilli News as I believe the media can be a powerful tool in promoting positive changes in our society. Social justice is attainable and I want to work with that as a goal. I enjoy editing Red Hot Chilli News but also love film and books as well as walking on the South Downs and my Bonsai Tree
Hannah Beeching
Hannah Beeching

Cat lover with a keen interest in society, language and our world. Passionate about ethics, equality, honest media and ensuring everyone has access to unbiased, accurate information.
Image of Jamilla Hekmoun
Jamilla Hekmoun

My name is Jamilla Hekmoun and I am an undergraduate at the University of Exeter studying BA Arabic and Middle East Studies. I have a strong interest in both Middle Eastern and British politics particularly because I am half-Libyan
Image of Ruth Manning
Ruth Manning

Recently graduated with a degree in politics from University College Cork. I am currently an intern with a think tank in London and hope to complete my Masters in counter terrorism next year. My areas of interest include extremism, terrorism, international relations, US foreign policy, gender and violence
Image of Rose Burke
Rose Burke

A first year journalism student at UWS, feminist and avid fiction writer. I believe strongly in promoting equal opportunities for all, using the media to question the motives of those in power and giving ordinary people a voice.
Image of Eddie Saint-Jean
Eddie Saint-Jean

Eddie Sain-Jean is an arts reviewer with a background in film production, screenwriting and playwriting. He has a keen interest in politics and global affairs.
Image of Katelyn Kivel
Katelyn Kivel

Katelyn is a freelance writer from Michigan in the United States, where she has been a contributor to Reuters as well as an international correspondent for the Balkin-region publication Libertas. She graduated with a degree in Political Science from Western Michigan University
Image of Colin Cripps
Colin Cripps
A philosophy graduate with a deep passion for technology, a love for travel, a keen interest in martial arts and supporter of gender equality. A keen writer, determined to spur on discussion in the world.
Image of Ryan Matthews
Ryan Matthews
A postgraduate at the University of Sussex studying International Journalism. My primary area of interest is geopolitics and deconstructing the self-serving narratives employed by governments and media
Image of Ed Sawyer
Ed Sawyer
Ed Sawyer is a journalism student at Southampton Solent University with a keen interest in politics and current affairs. He is currently in his 2nd year and is looking forward to studying in Antwerp next year as part of the Erasmus scheme
Natalie Gosling
Natalie Gosling
I am new to writing and blogging but I want to contribute and make a difference. Writing has always been a career that I wanted to pursue and now I'm doing it.
Image of Sally Patricia Gardner
Sally Patricia Gardner
Sally Patricia Gardner has been a Labour supporter all her adult life. She is also an embryo blogger, a novelist, Chair of Shorelink Writers and a passionate animal lover. See www.sallypatriciagardner.co.uk

profile picture of Matthew Hynds
Matthew Hynds

I am an interdisciplanary artist work in the fields of video, painting and photography. My writing is concerned with the injustices and abuses of power that are inflicted on people and animals around the world. matthewhynds.com
Image of Patrick Thomas
Patrick Thomas

I am currently studying History at the University of Bristol and look forward to pursuing a career in journalism. My particular interests include British politics and its relationship with the media, as well as entertainments and arts.


Image of Paul Leach
Paul Leach
Broken Soldier, amateur alcoholic, freelance writer and professional libertine.
Paul Leach lives in the North-West of England. He has a passion for sports, literature and food. He has been known to cause fist fights over the use of the Oxford comma, weep about how difficult it is to get a simple tasty cheesburger, and harangue mixologists over the correct composition of a Gibson.

profile image of Tara Baaj
Tara Baaj
A Lib-Dem supporter with a penchant for all things nice. I am currently topping up my list of everyday things I would put into Room 101. I would love to venture into journalism in the future and my key areas of interest are world news, gender and international relations.
Max Eckersley profile picture
Max Eckersley

Max Eckersley is a journalist and freelance writer with a keen interest in British politics and foreign affairs http://maxeckersley.com/
Profile picture for Andrew Durling
Andrew Durling

Political activist with the Green Party and environmental activist with Friends of the Earth. A founder-member of Eastbourne People's Assembly against austerity. Retired from psychiatric nursing but still keenly interested in mental health and well-being issues. Practitioner of tai-chi, meditation, mindfulness, poetry and slow living. https://andydharma.wordpress.com
Image of Gunnar Eigener Gunnar is currently studying Environmental Journalism while doing a degree in Environmental Studies at the Open University. He previously stood as a Green Party candidate for his local ward during the General Election
Samantha Bailey
Samantha Bailey
Samantha Bailey is a nineteen year old multimedia journalist with past experience in graphic design and photojournalism as well as a weekly radio show. She is passionate about photography and writing the truth. She wishes to be a photojournalist mainly in the area of conflict photography and investigation with particular interest in crime writing. http://www.bammj.wordpress.com





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I am an NCTJ qualified journalist and am currently living in Eastbourne. I have had work published in the Brighton Argus, the Eastbourne Herald and on the OurNHS/ opendemocracy ; the Guide to Brighton and Culture 24 websites. I have a BSc in Pure and Applied Physics and a MSc in Radiation Physics with Medical Applications

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  1. So many unanswered/unasked questions if the Scots leave the Union,- will the BBC still broadcast in Scotland and how would it be funded? Will we need passports to go to Scotland and will they need them to come to us? As AS doesn’t seem to realise that currency union with a foreign country is not even possible, and no-one is going to wave a magic wand to make it so, how will that apply to visitors, will there be the Scottish equivalent of Bureau de Change at the borders? And how will the borders be policed? Don’t do it Scotland! We love you and we beleive you love us. Stay, stay, stay, for all our sakes!

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